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Frequently Asked Questions

See some of the most common asked questions by our users. Can't find what you're looking for? Contact Us, someone will get back to you.

FixitFinded is a one of its kind unique, AI Powered Web2.0 and Web3.0 platform built to help service providers connect with old customers and reach new ones by using Telemetry Data, along with AI Reinforced and Unsupervised Machine learning. By leveraging the power of Blockchain & AI Technology, FixitFinder allows Business to list their services on our platform & be found by millions of clients searching for specific services.

Push Notifications are a great way to send your customers reminders, discount promotions, sales and much more. Our platform has built-in push notifications that’s customizable and 100% free to use. The only limitations are based on the package you choose at signup.

If you already have reviews on your website, or another review website like Trustpilot, FixitFinder can import all your reviews with the click of a button. After listing your business on FixitFinder, simply provide the link to your reviews, click the submit button, sit back & watch the magic happen.

Equality serving is a terminology used by FixitFinder to described how we serve business to clients. It’s an equality opportunity display serving, that’s programmed into our algorithms. This is a brief surface level description of how it works: Take Google for instance, to be on page 1 of Google, Google’s algorithms looks for specific things about a website, which includes, but are not limited to: backlinks, amount of blog pages, SEO, reviews, social presence and more that are not disclosed by Google. In contrast, FixitFinder displays & server every company that is listed on our platform regardless of the above-mentioned criteria’s. We've built our Equality Serving Algorithm that works by displaying companies randomly, based on clients search criteria. For example, company A in the vehicle repair category might have 150, 5 stars reviews and company B in the same category might have 0 reviews, both companies would be displayed equally, using our AI, Machine learning technology.

Our customer reminder is one of a kind. It works by using AI technology, along with Push Notifications to send reminders to your customers. An example of how this works with Machine learning is like this: Company A provides a service of cutting hair. John uses our Mobile APP/Platform to connect with Company A twice for the month on a Friday for shaves. Our Algorithm, buy using Machine Learning would determine that John would schedule again for Friday, so on the third Thursday, it would send a Push reminder for a shave to John. This feature can be customized by company A with custom messages. It can also be turned off Completely.

FixitFinder was built primarily for companies in the Technology Industry & also companies that provides a service such as: Landscaping, Computer repairs shops, Electricians, Plumbers, IT Companies, Electronic repair shops, Dentist, Doctors, Lawyers, Barbers, Hair Salons, Building contractors, Vehicle repair shops and more.

Yes, we do. We provide an intuitive, easy to use analytics dashboard, where you can track stats such as, how many times for the day, week, or month your business was shown to customers. How many interactions your business received from clients. Push reminders, Push notifications, new reviews and much more.

Yes, we welcome Individual business owners.

Absolutely NOT. We will never charge you for any additional services. The package you’ve chosen at sign up would determine how much you pay and the services you receive for that package.

Location finder works by leveraging Telemetry Data, along with AI Reinforced and Unsupervised Machine learning to provide the closest possible service provider to clients looking for that service. For example, Jane is looking for a Computer repair shop to fix her Laptop. Jane does not want to be bombarded with ads, a ton of misleading information and irrelevant data…Jane just needs her device fixed! By using the FixitFinder Mobile App, or web platform, Jane can easily find the best service provider in her area with the click of a button, without the clutter.

Push ads comes with any of the three paid subscription packages. Once you have signed up and paid your subscription, you would immediately have access to the push ads features from your dashboard. There is zero additional cost to use your ads. Push Ads credit can be used to be featured on our platform.

Verified check is our way of vetting every business that is listed as a Gold, Silver, or Bronze certified partner. Every business listed with this check has met certain criteria, which are listed. These are very strict criteria’s to be met to be listed on our platform as any of the above-mentioned partner, which are: Gold, a company must have 3-5 certified professionals, either recognized by their Government, Institution, or International body and verifiable by FixitFinder staff. Silver 2-3, & Bronze 1-2 certified professionals. Another example of this would be, Company A has a Computer repair shop and wants to be a Silver Certified partner. Company A must provide documentation that at least two of their staff have completed training and is recognized as CompTIA A+ certified, or had equivalent training by a recognized Institute in their country.


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